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Bach 2 Rock

Promotional 032408053639Bach 2 Rock
Tuesday, November 3
(Election Day)
2 pm

Get ready to be fascinated and entertained by musician Caryn Lin’s amazing multimedia presentation.

With her five-string electric violin, singing, sound effects, and help from the audience, Caryn transforms solo sound into a mind-boggling experience that's as educational as it is entertaining. Throughout, she shares inspirational stories of her life and struggles as an artist.


Guitar Bob

GB Earth PhotoGuitar Bob
Friday, November 6
(NJ Teachers’ Convention)
2 pm

Bob Messino, also known as Guitar Bob, says kids need to get up and get moving!

With singing, creative movement, instruments and cooperative games, the giggles and guffaws are guaranteed.


Pecos Bill Rides the Oregon Trail

pecosbill-042612-mt-tifPecos Bill Rides the Oregon Trail
Thursday, November 5
(NJ Teachers’ Convention)
2 pm

Travel back in time with musician/dancer/storyteller Richard Stillman.

Enjoy original and traditional songs from the Old West played on guitar, mandolin, and five-string banjo, bones, and harmonica, along with stories about Pecos Bill, country clog dancing, cowboy hat tricks, and rope spinning.




The Ridgewood Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company comes back to SFPL to perform "Ruddigore" in concert!
Sunday, November 8
One of the less well known works by Gilbert & Sullivan, Ruddigore tells a tale of witches, ghosts and curses, making it a perfect choice for the post Halloween season. However, since this is Gilbert & Sullivan, the witches and ghosts are joined by sufferers of unrequited love and people who have reasons for concealing their true identities. Adding to the silliness is a young heroine whose moral code is based on what she's learned from an etiquette book and you have a recipe for a plot that turns the rules of melodrama on its ear.