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Effective January 1, 2020, circulation desk staff will no longer make courtesy phone calls to inform library patrons of the arrival of holds unless that is the method that has been specifically chosen by a library patron as his or her preferred way to receive notifications. All patrons who have provided the library staff with a current email address will continue to receive notifications by email.

Museum Pass Policy

3.11 Museum Pass Policy
The Friends of the Springfield Free Public Library have donated money for the purchase of museum passes for the benefit of patrons of the Springfield Free Public Library. The following policies apply:

  1. The passes may be borrowed only by library card holders ages 18 and over who are in good standing with no unpaid fines or fees and who are residents of Springfield.
  2. Each museum pass may be loaned for a seven day period. Renewals will not be allowed under any circumstances.
  3. The library is unable to accommodate requests to reserve a museum pass for a specific date. Patrons will have 36 hours to pick up the museum pass once they have been notified of its availability. In the event that a pass has not been picked up during this 36 hour period, the next patron on the reserve list will be contacted to pick up that pass. If the original patron is subsequently contacted a second time and the pass is not picked up within 36 hours, that patron’s name will be removed from the holds list for that particular museum pass. The 36 hour period shall be extended by no more than 12 hours from the time the library next reopens in the event that the library is closed at the time the initial 36 hour period has been reached.
  4. Only one pass may be borrowed per household at a time.
  5. Each museum pass may be loaned to someone in the same household only once per three month period.
  6. A fine of $10.00 per day will be charged for each day that a museum pass is overdue, including any day that the library is scheduled to be closed with the exception of an unscheduled closing due to weather or other emergency conditions.
  7. Museum passes may not be returned in the book drop. Museum passes found to have been left in the book drop will incur a $5.00 fine.
  8. Failure to return a museum pass in the same container in which it was checked out will result in a $5.00 fine.
  9. Failure to return the museum pass will result in a fine equal to the replacement cost of the museum pass plus a $25.00 service fee. Museum passes that are returned in a condition that renders them unusable will also be subject to a fine that is equal to the replacement cost of the pass plus a $25.00 service fee. The current museum pass replacement costs are as follows:
    1. Intrepid Museum - $500
    2. Grounds for Sculpture - $400
    3. Guggenheim - $400
    4. Morris Museum - $100
    5. Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center - $125
  10. Library patrons checking out a museum pass are responsible for carefully reading the guidelines that have been included in the containers with the pass that is being checked out since each of the museums sets its own rules and guidelines for the passes granting admission to its facility. The library assumes no responsibility for any misunderstandings that a patron may have regarding the terms of a particular museum pass.
  11. The Library Director or her designee in her absence shall have the discretion to modify these rules in the event that an accommodation is necessary.

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